At the time, Constand worked at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University. David Harris, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law who specializes in criminal justice, said the hung jury did not mean that a civil jury would clear Cosby of liability. “There may not be enough evidence for a criminal conviction, but that does not rule out a civil verdict,” said Harris. Approximately 60 accusations of sexual assault have been made against Cosby over a number of years, but only Constand's resulted in criminal charges because the other alleged incidents were too old to prosecute. Cosby has denied all of the accusations. Constand herself sued Cosby in 2005 and settled for an undisclosed sum. Women bringing civil cases would also likely find it easier to introduce testimony from other accusers to support claims that Cosby engaged in a pattern of assault, said Douglas Wigdor, a plaintiffs' attorney who represents clients in sexual harassment cases. Little testimony about other accusations against Cosby was allowed in the Pennsylvania trial because of the strict standards for admitting evidence in criminal cases. Prosecutors had sought to have 13 other accusers testify in Constand's case, but the judge allowed only one, finding that more would unfairly prejudice the jury.

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The black satin sheath with integral pearl necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Photograph: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images Through his professional relationships with high-profile women, the couturier’s life has intersected with Hollywood and royalty, with scandal and tragedy. “Audrey came into my life in an adorable way,” said de Givenchy. He remembered meeting “this very thin person with beautiful eyes, short hair, thick eyebrows, very tiny trousers, ballerina shoes, and a little T-shirt. On her head was a straw gondolier’s hat with a red ribbon around it.” (Hepburn once claimed that before she met de Givenchy she wore homemade clothes.) The pair collaborated on a wardrobe for the film Sabrina, and “for every movie after that. It became a great friendship.” That friendship produced one of the defining icons of modern style, and made the careers of both parties. Hepburn called the designer “a personality maker”. It was owing in part to the reflected glory of Hepburn that by the time de Givenchy sold his label to LVMH in 1988, he was wealthier than many of his haute couture clients. But their relationship transcended business. When Givenchy launched L’Interdit with Hepburn as the face of the fragrance, no percentage or payment was made or discussed. Before her death in 1993, the actor made her lifelong friend the mediator of her will.

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